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Whats new on Kandi Family

by austin heath

We just launched our new QR code beads for kandi. These beads will allow you to connect even faster at festivals. Get yours today

Other items in our newest release include 

- Photo and video update. 

- Made it easier to search for kandi codes.

- Styling of the Admin area.

- QR code update.

Whats next? 

We are working hard on push notifications that will allow you to receive notifications on your device and know exactly when someone messages you or adds you as a friend. This will roll out the next couple of weeks. Just working out the bugs right now. We are super excited to make Kandi Family even better. 


Kandi Connect Beads

What can you do in Kandi Family? 

Build a Profile

Keeping your memories are easy, upload photos and videos to your gallery and bling out your profile. Don't worry, people can't add you without your approval. We aren't like other social media apps that recommend strangers to add you. Your privacy is important to us.

Use our Secure Chat

We believe in keeping you safe, our chat is built with bank-like security components. Chat freely with your friends and know we can't see your conversations. Our encrypted chat is safe and secure.

Make Group Chats

Build a group chat with your fam. Plan your next event and talk about that sick show last week. 

💜 Thank you for the support

We are really excited to keep improving the app  and website. If you like what we are doing, you can help by purchasing beads or merchandise from our store. 



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by austin heath