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Kandi Family Social Network

What is Kandi Family? Kandi Family is an app built to help you connect with Kandi. Our goal is to make it easy for you at your next festival to connect with others. Understanding how hard it is to connect and keeping the PLUR vibes was important to us. Strive to make sure our app is safe as well. With a fully encrypted chat meaning we can’t see your messages. The data is securely transmitted to the recipient. Don’t have to worry about us using your conversation to advertise to you.

Kandi Beads have been around for years and trading them is an important part of the culture at festivals and concerts. We don’t see it going away and hope to keep PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) alive for many more years. The PLUR handshake is an essential part of trading kandi and we hope you trade bracelets at your next show.

We have a variety of kandi beads to help you get connecting with others at festivals. Our app is free but we use the money from the beads to help improve our app with new features.

If you have already downloaded our app great! If not head on over to the app store and download. Check out all our features at

Check out or new beads:

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