EDC 2019 Pokemon and Kandi Meetup

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The Great Pokemon and Kandi Meetup! 

EDC has a tradition of a kandi meetup! This year will be even bigger! Join Kandi Family under the electric sky! Thank you @poizonazn for getting this put together again! 

We will be meeting at 2 different times at Carnival Square on the grass closest to the Entrance to Rainbow Road! 

Saturday May 18th Meetup at: 9:30pm - 10:30pm, and 12:00 - 12:30am

Facebook Event page can be found facebook.com/events/1271827939636398

Check out the Kandi Family App to connect via kandi 💜

EDC 2019 Pokemon and Kandi Meetup!

Don't forget you can easily connect with kandi at this event and more in the future with our KF connect Beads! Save 30% off your first order. 

We can't wait to see and meet you at EDC! 

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