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Additional Kandi Codes

by austin heath

We have got a lot of requests for extra kandi codes or a way to change your Kandi Family kandi code. We are excited to release the ability to buy new codes. By purchasing a code you help to keep kandi family running! 

Buy a new code

When you purchase a code we will turn on the Create New code button in your profile. After that you can choose your primary code to show on your Kandi Family profile. Now let's see your creativity flow!

Few tips to keep in mind: 

 - Use the beginning of a phrase for your code "LETSDA"NCE 

 -  Use codes to remember shows DAS18 or EDC19

Of course don't forget our signature start beads that make it easy to connect. That way when you trade they know where to find you later. 

We believe kandi should be fun and we are excited to see you at the next festival or rave. We will be ready to trade and see what you got! 

Buy additional codes here!

by austin heath